Webs and Cocoons

Sunlight slipping off silken threads.
Strands spiraling out from antennaed arachnids.
Radiant wings awakening.
Sometimes scarcely visible. Sometimes broken open.
Bound. Set free.
Webs and cocoons. Cocoons and webs.
Life and death. Death and life.
The tangled and mysterious warp and weft
of earthly existence.
We spin. We weave.
Sacred filament
crisscrossing space and time.
Unknowable gifts of an unknowable Creator.

Autumn spider

Butterfly Blog


1. made, done, happening, or chosen without method or conscious decision.
2. odd, unusual or unexpected.

Life…sometimes. Most of the time?
But is anything about life truly haphazard?
Unpredictable, perhaps.
Or out of the ordinary.
But what is random to me–strategic to you. . .
Submerged meaning emerging
in subconscious choosing, doing, deciding?

Images culled on a Tuesday night
from a summer of snapshots.
Not patterned.
Unplanned photo-synthesis.
Purposeful randomosity?

Alone? Diving Squirrel Again Mockingbird Again Together Fuzzy