Come Home Free

Ah, the joys of self-publishing!

Self-publishing is intriguing. And when you self-publish on Amazon and immerse yourself in the world of Amazon’s algorithms connected to sales, reviews, and rankings–well, Amazon’s self-publishing world is something of a mystery.

Yesterday, Come Home Free went on sale for a limited time on Amazon for .99.  Amazon suggests sales promotions such as this to encourage people to read self-published books, especially novels. We got the word out about the sale through Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. We also put an ad on Kindle Nation Daily. Throughout the day yesterday we watched on Amazon’s author “report” page how many people were downloading the book. We had fun seeing the purchase numbers rise and our Amazon ranking number fall (lower numbers meaning that our book is higher in the rankings).

I have learned much about self-publishing and have a new respect for editors and both traditional and non-traditional publishers. These days, it takes a lot of effort to create an eBook and make it get attention in a world where hundreds of thousands of others are writing and publishing.

Come Home Free will be on sale for about 18 more hours today, until midnight tonight (October 30). Sheila and I are eager for folks to meet some of our favorite characters–Aria, Clara, Sarah, Ruth Maiers, and the rest. We also hope that the story these characters embody offers laughter and perhaps even a glimpse of hope for readers.

We hope you might read–and enjoy–Come Home Free. And don’t forget to add your review of the book online. Reviews make the self-publishing world go ’round!