Reverse-Time-Lapse Resurrection

What do I owe this eccentric road?

“Nature is taking a breath, and the rest of us are holding ours.”

Marina Koren, The Atlantic

We usually chase time,
scrambling down
into an hour-glass ravine
while loose rocks
slide beneath hurry-up feet.

Now—each frame mitigated,
we stop skimming the surface
of others on our way
to countless wherevers
and instead hug our own lives.
Remember how real they are,
flesh and blood from dust
returning to dust.

We who once watched the world
through a calendar-grid of windows,
life uncoils in slow motion,
time-lapsed in reverse now.

dogwood flags unfurl
two cardinals meet talk
flirt measure each other up
marry their lives
in the too-berried holly
too-close to the house
bush beans in a new bed
worry their heads up
through unfamiliar soil
while bumblebees samba
mid-air until sunset when
a pregnant pink moon rests
in the crook of the lean-to maple
out back where a squirrel sits
to nibble last year’s pecan

What do I owe this eccentric road
my feet now travel without moving?

A dance.

Maundy Thursday: Reflections

Mabry Mill Upside Down “Mabry Mill Upside Down,” by S.G. Hunter

Old standbys—wheat and white.
The stuff of life.
We break it, eat it, think almost nothing of it.
Golden-crusted loaves seasoned by the smell of the earth
Passed from me to you to the stranger.
We cannot live without it—
The bread or the sharing.

Green grapes “Green Grapes,” by S.G. Hunter

Poetry bottled and decanted.
Kiss of sweet grace on thirsty lips.
Remembrance seasoned by the taste of the earth.
Spilled out between us,
For us,
You and me and the stranger.
We cannot live without it—
The sip of mystery or the sharing.

Passerby “Passerby” by S.G. Hunter

We bathe in it, fear it, plunge its murky depths.
Washing over weary feet,
Soaking chafed hands.
We cannot live without it—
The brooding Spirit,
Sea-lapped promises on sun-singed shores.

Bread. Wine. Water.
The earth.
Poured out.
Stirred up
In us.
Remembering that does not forget
Hungry, wilderness people
In neighborhoods, towns, cities.
Bread. Wine. Water.
Our hands
Baking, pouring, washing.
Gifts of God for the people of God.